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Meaningful Stationary, Decor & Gifts


The joy of meaningful planning


Achieve your goals on inspiring paper


Empowering drops of ink


Adore your space


Daily enriching sips


Scented hand poured soy wax


Decorate your cosy corner


Perfect for gifts

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Gift bags & Sets

Gifts & sets for your loved ones

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Premium skincare

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Why believe in

Elegant Home Decor

Elegant & Creative Products

There is so much more within us that we can benefit from by expressing our thoughts on a piece of paper. REMINDART collection of unique design planners, notebooks, pens, frames, scented candles and other stationery products aim to give you an infinite space for your special thoughts. Transform your home or office in a place filled with unique style, inspiration and love in the small details. Meaningful & Unique

Meaningful & unique designs

Purposeful planners, notebooks, notepads, scented candles and stationery accessories with powerful messages for a positive lifestyle and a vision for the future. Every product by REMINDART is created with a specific purpose to transform your everyday routine into a fulfilling and enriching journey where everything becomes alive & significant. Inspiring Journey

Journey of Inspiration & Joy

REMINDART planners are filled with powerful reminders, practical ideas and a good amount of space for your goals, schedule and tasks. Combining all those features with the elegant design is what creates the magic. All you need is an open mind, a desire for new experiences and awareness that you can achieve your goals with commitment and consistent effort. Stylish Desk Accessories

Concept created with love

Matched together, our purposefully designed planners, notebooks, stationery products and scented candles will bring the empowering feeling of REMINDART to a new height. A perfect gift idea or an influential complement to the office or home of every decor and stationery loving person, our distinct sets carry a powerful message combined with an exceptional design. Thank you!

Our amazing community

Чашата е наистина разкошна! И вие сте страхотни! Уникални сте! Абсолютно очаквах да ми харесат и на живо, така както ми харесват и в публикациите ви. Продължавайте да правите толкова добри и качествени продукти. Аз ви препоръчвам на всяка приятелка работеща в офис или от дома.


Изключително нежен и докосващ дизайн! Поздравления! Гордея се, че има такива брандове като вашия!


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