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about us

REMINDART was founded in 2017 by an entrepreneurial couple passionately chasing their dream to create a meaningful, enriching and elegant lifestyle brand. Striving to make the most of their days in a productive and fulfilling atmosphere inspired them to give life to REMINDART - a concept offering purposeful and elegant stationery and planners, desk accessories, scented candles and other home and office products that aim to uplift, keep track of goals & achievements, and, most importantly, to remind us to live a life with a positive and forward-looking mindset.

OUR purpose

REMINDART's mission goes beyond the expression of creativity by designing beautiful products, its true aim is to inspire you, motivate you and empower you to find purpose and love in what you do and to do it with elegance. We create each product with a specific purpose so that it transforms your everyday routine into a fulfilling and enriching journey where everything becomes alive & meaningful.


We call our products reminders and you probably have a right guess why. This simple word has a bigger meaning and we just love it. Being constantly in a hurry it can get difficult to keep ourselves dedicated and motivated to stay on the right track to getting closer to our personal and professional targets. Our little reminders are always here to remind us of the purpose that drives us and help us stay focused on achieving the life we ​​truly desire. Greatness lies within any of us, we simply have to be reminded of that.

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We promise to inspire you with a special selection of ideas every time. Your life is a given opportunity that you should grab, craft and treasure. Make it your own, make it stand out and be happy with every step on your way.


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