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about us

REMINDART was founded in 2017 by two dreamers with an entrepreneurial spirit who strongly pursued their goal of creating an elegant lifestyle brand that has a purposeful and enriching mission. Striving to make the most of their days in a productive and fulfilling atmosphere, they find inspiration and give life to REMINDART - a concept offering inspiring and elegant products. Today, they include designer planners, notebooks, accessories, scented candles, and other products for the home and office that aim to lift spirits, help track goals and accomplishments, and most importantly, remind us to live life with a positive and forward looking.

Our mission

REMINDART's mission is more than showing creativity through elegant product design. The real goal is to inspire, motivate and push you to find meaning and love in what you do. We create each product with a specific purpose, so that it transforms your everyday life into a fulfilling and enriching journey where everything takes on meaning and life.


We call our products "reminders". Why? Because this word has a deep meaning and describes one of the main goals of REMINDART. In a hectic daily life, tracking and progressing towards set goals can become difficult or finding motivation for new endeavors professionally and personally. That's exactly why these reminders are always with us - to keep in touch with our desires and help us stay focused on them to continue on our path to the life we ​​aspire to.

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