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7 Power Thoughts: How to Do More in Less Time

They say that working smart is better than working hard. At REMINDART, we believe that working with passion and purpose can translate your efforts into a gift to yourself and the world. It is a matter of new habits, thinking creatively and setting up a comfortable and empowering framework through intention, planning and efficient management. Here are our 7 Power Thoughts to help you achieve more in less time:

1. Work With Intention

Never let yourself work aimlessly - it is a straightforward recipe for dissipating your energy. Choose strategic points in time to set your intentions for your tasks, appointments and errands - before the start of the week, every evening, and towards the end of the month. Once you are clear about and committed to your intentions, you can trust the 'hows' to reveal themselves naturally.

2. Work on One Thing at a Time

Once you create a to-do list in your notepad, the first thing to do is prioritise. Common organising strategies are theming and batching, e.g. you could theme your days of the week, you could batch tasks based on the energy level required, or you could organise your duties by type. You would normally/ideally have 2-3 key priorities in a busy workday. Focus on only one at a time. When the first one is complete, check it off the list and move to the next one. Don't go back and forth from one task to another.

3. Set Up Rituals to Gain Rhythm

Rituals are vital to a well-managed schedule. From getting up early in order to harvest your top efficiency levels to keeping a reflective journal in order to review your internal processes, establishing daily rituals will help you nourish your wellbeing, gain precious insights, optimise your productivity and maintain clarity and stability. Gain the right rhythm to complete your daily commitments with ease.

4. Eliminate Distractions

Eliminate anything non-related to your task. Don't let phone alerts and apps disrupt your workflow. Don't check your Emails every other minute - three times a day is more than enough! It is incredibly easy to distract oneself from the big, important projects and tasks by engaging with less significant, yet more time-consuming activities. You want to work with focus, distraction-free.

5. Time Management vs Energy Management

Whenever we approach task or schedule management, we tend to think about execution primarily in terms of time rather than the energy and concentration required to complete a task. Time is only that much, yet our energy levels fluctuate. Thus, we can gain a considerable advantage over our available time if we think in terms of focus and energy efficiency. How though?

6. Create a Desire to Finish Rather Than Just Fill the Time Allotted

According to Parkinson's Law, we tend to fill the time available for the completion of a task regardless of how long it would actually take us if we focused solely on completing the job. Stay passionate about your projects and focus on finishing a job rather than filling your days or afternoons with ongoing efforts. Strive for completion.

7. Make Planning Enjoyable

Always make room for joy, play and rest when you are working towards your goals. At REMINDART, we have made this easy for you by creating exquisite and visually delightful stationery such as Metallic Stickers for your planner - available in Gold, Silver and Pink - and colourful Washi Tapes available in 21 colors and patterns. You can acquire entire matching stationery sets for a boost to your creativity and work enthusiasm, such as our sophisticated Dusty Rose Notebook & Pen Set, which encompasses a luxury vegan leather notebook ‘Do everything with love’ in dusty rose and an engraved pen in colour of your choice. Selecting the right tools in your journey towards the realisation of your dreams and goals is an invaluable favour you can do yourself in order to maintain clarity and enthusiasm in your daily endeavours. Keep passionate and keep on track. We have your back.

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