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How to Stay Energetic During the Whole Week

Staying true to the best course of action in our daily endeavours is only easy and straightforward when we have the energy and clarity to do what we have made up our minds to. The grand ideas that move us need the small sustained efforts and little daily adjustments that maintain our aim straight.
In this latest blog idea curation, we have pinpointed the top useful tweaks to your daily routine and habits which will create a great difference in your motivation and energy levels. There are countless factors - physical, emotional and mental - that affect our productivity day to day, from its very foundation. Quick, superficial, indulgent and draining fixes, though tempting and easy to fall prey to, can only decapacitate our body's health and immune system in the long run and also create some harmful links to our emotional and mental states. We are here to suggest some deeply inspiring, empowering and grounding solutions that will help you sustain your energy throughout the week!
At REMINDART, we are always on the mission to keep you on the best journey possible, so here are out top 8 Tips and Secrets to stay energetic and enthusiastic as the days of the week progress:

1. Launch the Day Right

img It is of the highest importance to create personal space for yourself in the morning - both in terms of a specific time slot and a specially designated place in your home where you feel most sheltered and empowered. Start slow, don't rush in. Start slow, so you can attune yourself to a natural rhythm that will stay with you for the rest of the day. Journal, meditate, do light exercise. If you have a terrace or live near the park, expose yourself to natural light straightaway - not only is sunshine a great source of vitamin D, but research shows that it is directly linked to sustaining high energy levels. Ease into the day with a 10 to 20-minute meditation or reflection session which will surely decrease your stress hormones, increase endorphins, and deliver you some uplifting ideas and answers to any unresolved issues that keep popping up in your mind unexpectedly.

2. Do Not Snooze

productivity Hitting the snooze button has been proven to leave us more tired, however tempting it may be. Instead of gaining a little bit more restfulness, we are actually losing a much necessary and natural momentum in the morning. Many of us deeply appreciate our romance with our bedsheets and it may seem daunting to even attempt and introduce a more well-regulated sleep schedule. If that is the case, create a challenge for yourself: our brain cells can receive and memorise a new program within 21 days, so even if you consider it unlikely to go to bed on time and get up early with regularity, just try it out for three weeks and see how you feel! By the end, you may realise that it's worth keeping that habit.

3. Eat Right

img Receiving the proper nutrition for our unique bodies is an endless subject. However, there are some basics that can guide us in the right direction and common traps that too many fall a prey to. Start with a hot lemon water in the morning to prepare the stomach and proceed with a delicious shake made with a non-dairy milk, an avocado toast or a veggie omelette. Choose breakfast that will leave you feeling energetic and refreshed, and prepare some healthy classics for your office, such as dried fruits, nuts, nut butters, seeds, crispy home roasted kale or seaweed, tropical and citrus fruits, and smoothies. Don't graze all day long and keep all dining away from your desk. Give it its deserved time, relaxation and focus.

4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Keep a good range of water, juices, tea and smoothies at hand. Overcaffeination has become so romanticised that a coffee-free workday sounds like fiction to most. However, why not keep it a sacred ritual? The afternoon, right between 2 and 4pm when our circadian rhythm (sleep/wake cycle) leads us into a palpable energy dip, is the ideal time to take a walk to your favourite coffee shop or roastery and treat yourself to a steaming cup of aromatic espresso. Maybe introduce a range of new delicious options for the other breaks in your daily schedule: perhaps a matcha latte or a chai tea? Get used to checking nutritional labels and watch out for high sugar drinks!

5. Keep Your Posture Straight

Long desk hours can make us completely oblivious to our posture and we only tend to pay attention to our posture when an issue comes up, such as back pain or neck stiffness. Check out our recent REMINDART article on setting up the most ergonomic workspace that will contribute to your health, well-being, mood and productivity. It is best to alternate between sitting and standing, as well as to lift and cross our legs - what is often referred to as lotus in yoga - in case we have the necessary hip joint flexibility. Whenever your energy starts to dip, take a stroll, do a few stretches or climb the elliptical if your workplace happens to have exercise equipment. The premise is: keep moving throughout the day!

6. Surround Yourself with REMINDART

remindart washi tapes We want to encourage you to never allow yourself to erase the joyfulness out of your work process. We have created beautiful wallart and stationery pieces carrying empowering and creative messages meant to elevate the senses and nurture a bright mindset. For example, working with colourful and whimsical washi tapes will bring back the natural playfulness stored as potential in each and every one of us and with this easeful attitude, greater creativity, energy and efficiency will follow naturally. Dividing tasks, commitments and activities into categories in your planner and marking them with stylish REMINDART stickers will also bring enjoyable vividness to handling your schedule. These will create a brilliant reminder about times to play and times to have a business meeting, times to work on a particular project and times to have a cocktail and socialise!

7. Eliminate the Energy Drainers

remindart You know very well what we mean. Toxic thoughts, people we associate with toxic thoughts, and places and situations that can drain our energy and enthusiasm in only a moment - all these don't need a place in your daily business! If you can make things better, great. But to other situations and people you can just bid farewell. You may have the most energy boosting habits, but keeping healthy boundaries and not engaging in energy draining activities or interactions is equally important.

8. Work With Focus and at a Pace, Not Harder

It is a case of quality over quantity, always. The fruits of quality are many, whereas those of quantity are often meagre and limited. At REMINDART, we love working with zest and know very well how energy keeps cycling and refueling us naturally when we do everything with love, focus and joy. Whenever you feel a dip in your energy, keep a proactive attitude and find the most intelligent solution that will work as a balm for your body, heart and mind! Cultivate healthy and joyful personal rituals around play, relaxation and re-energising that will artfully remind you of your love and enthusiasm for work.

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