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Presenting to You: Our New Roseway Collection

Everything begins with a dream, with a vision, with an idea. If we haven't woken up to our inner strength, we are still probably guided by ideas that swim like fish in the deep that we don't know of. But for those who know that the spring of creative force lies eternally within them, we know that dreams and visions can be guided, shaped, given life and grown into something more fascinating than the scope of our own active imagination. Those are dreams that make us feel alive, grateful and resourceful daily, and make life taste sweeter with every milestone and every challenge.
Following our magnificent Golden Arrow collection which weaves together the timeless splendour of gold and modern-day necessities for pure, unalloyed empowerment, we bring to you another composition of fine design elements born out of captivating aesthetics and desired functionality, the ROSEWAY Collection.

What is the Inspiration Behind the New Collection?

In design and art, we awaken our muse or our inspirational juices through impressions that entertain on the surface but cut deep to the depths of our hearts and wildest spaces within our minds - a tune, a phrase, a hue, an unusual or aesthetically enticing object that tells a story to those who know it. We want to encourage, ease and cultivate this natural process of getting in touch with your creativity, inner joy and sense of powerful personal presence through giving you delightful shortcuts to self-empowerment with our unique pieces imbued with beauty, meaning and purpose.

The Secret of Rose Gold

Colours are a powerful tool for awakening and working with associations, emotions and sensations. We chose the highly en vogue Rose Gold because of its charming and soft rosy sheen, playful matching compatibility with other vivid colours, and revolutionary connotations. In jewellery, Rose Gold is an alloy of gold, copper and silver which makes for a uniquely warm and decadent look beyond what any other metal could deliver on their own. Fabergé would incorporate it into his costliest commissions and we have seen the world's most prestigious fashion houses, watch makers and jewellers roll out collections in this colour. But mostly, time has shown that whenever Rose Gold rises in popularity, it is usually a time of revolutions and great shifts in society.

The ROSEWAY Product Range

One of the unique qualities of our collection is that it comes in meaningful sets that will help you create a sophisticated and inspirational atmosphere around yourself - whether you use them at home, in the office, or on the go - but you can also explore items individually and mix and match them depending on what story you want to create with the different design elements. Our REMINDART pieces are multifunctional: beautiful, elegant, convenient and purposeful. This is how we have created them. From a strong, beautiful idea. Here is the variety:
For the first time ever, we are introducing a whole productivity and efficiency set for your workspace: a Rose Gold tray, pencil cups and paperclip jars which will help you map out different zones on your desk and create a framework for your work process. Good habits and order once developed and transformed into effortlessness are valuable investments that pay off and support us immensely in the long term. These beautiful organising tools will inspire you towards tidiness and conclusion of whatever works are in development.
Diversify your writing instruments with two pens and four pencils with exceptional stamped messages and an unmistakable presence of sophistication. Oozing luxury and possessing a lasting quality, these designer creations will bring you closer to your vision with every word written. Some of our ideas are just drafts that help us awaken the potential of future endeavours, hence the graphite, and other dreams deserve that long-lasting ink that will remind us continuously of what we value.
Explore the gorgeous Rose Gold finish of our Infinite Ambition Pen and Purposeful Ink Pen. Switch between the empowering key messages stamped on our new ROSEWAY pencils: 'Hold Your Vision', 'Unleash Your Creativity', 'Express Your Soul', 'Sharpen Your Aim'.
Our ROSEWAY accessories present diverse additions to your creative work designed to awaken your inner joy and a sense of appreciation. Choose from a selection of stickers in dashing metallic colours, stylish paperclips in Gold and Rose Gold, joy-sparkling washi tapes in 21 unique colours and patterns, and two enchanting quill and leaf-shaped bookmarks that will remind you to keep quality reading a priority.
Highlight your significant to-dos, plan pampering and re-charging time for yourself and add a bright and meaningful look to your notes with our radiant REMINDART foil stickers. Assign priority to inspirational pages and key documents with our distinctive warm metallic paperclips. Combine our whimsical premium washi tapes to create a gorgeous new look for your diaries and other objects, to add a splash of colour to any item you want to give greater visibility to, and to freshen up plain looking spaces.
Your thoughts matter. When you write your thoughts down, you shine a light on them and liberate them from a suppressed existence.
Put down new ideas and inspirational messages in our exquisite ROSEWAY Notebook with a stimulating message: 'Everything Starts with a Dream'.
Our four stunning thematic Notepads - Believe, Empower, Dream and Create - will help you organise your activities into categories and nudge you to take a brave and confident step forward which you may be feeling some residual insecurity about.
Use our Copper, Silver and Gold Desk Pads to organise your daily routine with joy and observe how seamlessly everything can fall into place with a good organising thought at its foundation.
Work on getting inspired, choose the right stationery for yourself today at Remindart.com, and create a purposeful life and purposeful habits to fuel it.

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