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The Perfect Workspace

Do you know how to optimise your workspace in such a way as to increase your productivity, feel inspired and empowered every time you step into that space, and finish every work session with a sense of success? At REMINDART, we have the perfect workspace design know-how and will share some of our top secrets in this latest idea curation session. Our surroundings wield an unspoken influence over our mood and can deeply affect our health, well-being, creativity, productivity and even professional and personal relationships. How we design our workspace is both a matter of science and personal preferences, but mostly, it is all in the details!
We find magic in small things that make a great difference in our lives. The best home is the one you create yourself. The most invigorating dreams are the ones you give your sweat and consistent work to. And so, the perfect workspace - the physical workshop for making your dreams come true - has a bit of magic, a bit of personality, a bit of comfort and everything you need for a fulfilling workday or work session. It is the sum of all the small things that matter. Ultimately, designing the perfect workspace requires infusing a sense of ease and elation into the set-up, but also moderating the exact environment that will facilitate you to go through your commitments with unmatched efficiency.

1. De-clutter

It is an obvious and intuitive suggestion, but unless you really let go of everything that has no real contribution to your work process, you wouldn't be able to pinpoint what really matters. Check out our Learn Japanese Methods to Organise Your Home and Workspace article on the world-famous organising and decluttering methodology by Marie Kondo that has transformed thousands of homes and offices worldwide. You may choose to store papers and other office possessions and equipment using aesthetically pleasing boxes and a neat de-cluttering methodology, but overall, we recommend that you keep your work zone distraction-free and don't keep visible or on top of your desk that which you don't use daily.

2. Design the Way You Dress

Productivity studies show that while some people thrive in a more neat, well-ordered and minimalist environment, others - especially in jobs that require a higher creative output - may feel much more empowered in a more chaotic environment with a variety of papers strewn around. One of the easiest way to understand what you need in a workspace is observing your own wardrobe and personal style: if you prefer suits and formal attire, a more sharp and streamlined space with few objects around your tech may be perfect for you; if you have a well-organised briefcase or professional handbag, you may need a space with a whiteboard and various desk accessories for task management; if you wear more casual clothes, like a sports jacket, you may need more mobility around your desk etc. Reading the clues to your personal fashion style will give you great insight into the space that works best for you!
To find what style really suits you, seek inspiration in fashion bloggers, who are there to give you fresh ideas every day.

3. The Power of Ergonomics

The ways to make a workspace healthy and optimise conditions for both productivity and the long-term well-being of professionals has been the subject of multiple studies since the 1960's and '70s. Here are some well-established findings on how small adjustments in ergonomics and environment can impact you greatly: The ideal workspace temperature contributive to focus and precision is 20-25° Celsius. Natural light and plants improve mood, productivity and sleep. Screens should be placed at or below eye level and at a 20-40'' distance from eyes. Typing with the wrists positioned straight or downward causes the least strain on the hands. When sitting at a desk, keeping the forearms, hands, thighs and feet parallel to the ground reduces fatigue, repetitive strain injury and back pains.

4. Delight the Senses: Light, Music, Colour

Designing the perfect workspace means finding the optimal environment for your senses to be relaxed and focused. The quality of lighting thoroughly affects productivity and well-being, thus a spot by a window is the ultimate solution lighting-wise. If your workspace is set within a larger office with other people, noise-cancelling earphones are the ideal option to drown out distractions, while listening to familiar tunes can set a tone to your work process, e.g. playing something more upbeat while replying to Emails or a white noise YouTube video while reviewing papers? Finally, utilise colour psychology for fine-tuning your space to your work process needs! It is scientifically proven that blue hues sharpen your focus, green hues promote tranquility, orange is great for socialising if not for efficiency, purple can advance problem-solving, and vibrant yellow can boost your creativity.


Curating your office or workspace like a gallery is a powerful way to be reminded of what is important and what vision you are working towards. Matching aesthetics to your values can really support you in begetting your best ideas and staying on track while realising them. A piece of inspirational art creates a signature presence in any space and leaves a mark on the subconscious. Discover our unique collection of INSPIframes, one-of-a-kind reminders for success and personal empowerment, and our signature line of inspirational Wall Posters, featuring uplifting messages for the mind in brilliant gold-foil. Our beautiful pieces will certainly create a lasting impression of empowerment and inspiration on your subconscious, and will find the perfect home in your workspace!

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