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Unique Ways to Review the Past Year

The perfect way to wrap up the past year is to set aside some time with yourself and have an in-depth review of every lesson and experience it brought along. Did you evolve? Did you reach more of the sweet nectar hidden in your own core? Did you share your goodness and gifts with the world to the best of your ability? New Year's resolutions are no good if you haven't done the inventory of your sailing vessel. We all go through life's ups and down, but there are ways to preserve the best of past challenges and let go of what remains as a burden. At REMINDART, we would like to help you shift your perspective and recognise the greatest gems of the past year so you can launch yourself into a glorious new one! Here are 5 unique ways to review the past year:

#1 Reflect: What is the Overall Theme of Your 2022?

Grab a beautiful Planner DESIRE Pink Wish or Ultimate Wild Set from our newest collection and prepare to dive deep into the tales of the past year. Take time and switch off distractions. Brew yourself a steaming cup of goodness, liquor optional. Sit back comfortably and focus. What are the dominant feelings that come up? It could be a whole range of lingering multi-layered emotions: drained, enthusiastic, boastful, content, dissatisfied, determined, victorious, hurt etc. Write down every emotion you can sense without questioning it. No judgement or filter.

#2 Start With Cleaning Up the Heavy Feelings

Ask yourself honestly: do you feel guilty or angry or unhappy with a particular event or people or circumstances in the past year? Find the roots of the heavier negative emotions. The key here is to identify your own weaknesses, instead of just feeling frustrating with 'bad luck' or unfairness. Now, imagine the best course of action you could take in the same circumstances. The answers will give you a clear clue about the strengths you need to develop in yourself, so you can handle such situations with greater poise and grace.

#3 How Did Your Outlook on Life Evolve?

Life swings between polarities. Did you become more optimistic this year or more distrustful? Did you take things slow or did you live a more fast-paced life? If you could draw a cartoon in which you are the main character, what would the adventure be about? If you like drawing and sketching, re-create a few episodes from 2022 in pictures. Use our 4 Pencils Mix Kit in rose, gold and/or silver with beautiful messages like 'Unleash Your Creativity', 'Sharpen Your Aim'. 'Hold Your Vision', 'Express Your Soul' and map out your journey. Narrate your story and see where the journey has brought you. You might not have even realised where you stand right now.

#4 Do You Think About Your Age?

Thinking about our age is always somehow related to what we are supposed to be doing at that point in our life. Chasing a career, creating prosperity, settling down and forming a healthy family unit, sending the children off to elite univerisities, buying a sail boat or hitting very specific milestones? Break free from the age trap. Life is short for all of us and we cannot tick all boxes. That's why it is important to realise early what's our idea of a fulfilled, well-lived life. And shape our life accordingly.

#5 Become a Powerhouse

This reflective time with yourself can give you the strength and clarity to regain focus and become a powerhouse in 2023. First, find the gaps and fill them. How did your relationship to your family evolve? How did your friendships evolve? Were you in a fulfilling partnership? Did you bring out the best of yourself in your business or occupation? Whatever you recognise has been missing in your own capacity, decide to develop those strengths and positive qualities that have been lacking or insufficient. And finally, the most important question to ask is: How do you want to spend 2023? Think in positive terms, since our minds think in pictures and don't translate 'not'-s. Pick up our Olive Green Notebook ‘Create your days’ with exquisite gold foil stamping and matching 2 Pens Kit in Gold and map out your new journey ahead.

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