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12 Wildest Ways to Use Washi Tape

We currently have over 21 extraordinary metallic patterned washi tapes with predominant gold, silver, rose gold and turquoise hues. In this idea curation session on our blog, we want to reveal the irresistible magic of this traditional Japanese natural fiber paper that has grown from an industrial masking tape into a signature DIY arsenal tool in art, crafts and design in just a decade. The antique paper craftsmanship - the actual creation method of washi ('Japanese paper') - boasts a UNESCO heritage status. Washi is usually made from bamboo, hemp or the bark of the gampi tree, mitsumata shrub or mulberry bush. The colorful multi-purpose tape which uses this paper originally arrived on the market in 2006 as mt masking tape, the sole offering of the century-old family company for masking ribbons Kamoi Kakoshi.
Today, washi tapes are an international phenomenon and lend themselves to wildly creative uses. They have multiple benefits: they come in all possible colors and patterns, they are durable and easily removable, they leave no sticky residue (at least the high-quality ones), and their utility comes in handy in both every-day situations and on special occasions. Washi tapes awaken our inner child and invite us to keep things creative, unique and beautifully colored. Whether you are drawn to them because you are planning a new DIY project or simply because you love exquisite stationery, washi tapes will undoubtedly add a personal touch to your space and possessions. While new forms of experimentation with washi tapes keep emerging daily, we have prepared the most current guide for you, featuring 12 diverse and sometimes unexpected applications of this trendy Japanese staple:

1. Color Coding

You can use washi tape to color code file folders or personal notes in a bullet journal, moving boxes or flash cards. You can also color code activities in your planner, which is a great way to aid memory and help structure your day or week.

2. Cover Up Mistakes

Although some swatches are semi-transparent, using stylish masking tape can be a quick fix for ink errors, holes and other involuntary mistakes.

3. Use Directly in Art

Whether painting has been your thing-on-the-side hobby ever since you can remember or you are just passionate about adult coloring books, adding washi tape directly into your art can be extremely satisfying! You can layer different types of washi tapes and you can also play with the texture. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials to draw inspiration from.

4. Emulate Art Deco

We have an amazing variety of metallic washi tapes in our REMINDART collection. This is simply a dream-come-true for DIY aficianados who would previously have to resort to more complicated gold and metal leafing techniques to recreate the shiny geometric patterns characteristic of the aesthetic. Whether you want to decorate a cupboard or create an accent wall, our exquisite shiny REMINDART tapes will carry over the magic of Art Deco!

5. Party & Celebration Kit

From decorating handmade cards and gift wrapping to creating flags for cupcakes and sandwiches, bunting, tassels and garlands (simply by folding over a cord and snipping the ends), the uses in parties and special occasions are endless!

6. Decorate Furniture and Spaces

Ranging from small-scale interior design projects to large-scale full make-overs, the uses of washi tape in interior and exterior re-decoration are only a matter of willingness! Bring the 'kawaii' pop of color to tables, ceiling fans, window blinds, fridges and ovens and other home appliances, serving trays and cups and various kitchen utensils, vases and planters and pots, doors and stairs, phone cases and keyboards and electronics , light switches and wall clocks, closet hangers and mirrors, bikes and other vehicles...

7. Imitate a Wallpaper

It could be an accent wall in your bedroom or the entire office space. As long as you create repeated and perfectly spaced shapes and patterns over a single-color wall space, your washi tape canvas will give the appearance of a wallpaper!

8. Labeling

You can write over most washi tapes and you can use measured stripes to label spices and jars, electronics cables and folder tabs, among many others.

9. On Humans

We have spotted washi tape being used for nail art (mani and pedi), but it is also very widely used to freshen up hair accessories and jewellery!

10. Prettify Stationery & Trinkets

Add some pizzazz to your work desk by wrapping your old pencils and pencil cup in rose gold washi tape. You can create gold and metallic paperclip flags to use as tiny chic bookmarks for reading, you can decorate your binder clips and create a whole new look for your coffee coaster. If you keep books and magazines on a shelf, you can do some soothing and enjoyable bookbinding with washi tapes. You can even create entire binder cover designs. Also, you can transform any trinket you keep on your desk, in your handbag or in your pocket - anything from candy wrappers to keys and even your favorite chopsticks you bring in your lunch box!

11. Organize

We have a great variety of high-quality metallic foil stickers, which are great for marking deadlines and activities in your calendar. However, to step up your game in terms of colors and patterns, we recommend adding a washi tape swatch or two to your organizing tools mix!

12. Maps & Cityscapes

You can create an entire mural for your living room or a geometric cityscape as a headboard alternative in your bedroom. Anything from multi-shaped photo frames to Brooklyn Bridge linear art - your imagination and skills are the limit!
Using washi tapes can be a straightforward form of art therapy, but it is also very useful in time and activity management and optimizing the design of objects and spaces. Our unique REMINDART collection awaits you here!

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