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Our Summer Holiday Packing Guide

Now that the summer solstice has finally arrived here in the Northern hemisphere, we can devote our time and energy to crafting and putting into motion our grand plans for a vibrant and lush summer season lived fully - with inspiration and in style. Packing for a summer holiday can be as exciting as it is strategic and essential to carry out well with no glaring oversights. Here, we have put together the perfect summer holiday packing guide for you, with useful tips ranging from sun protection to the most fashionable and useful items to carry with you far and away:

1. Waterproof Cases for Electronics

While you may already be using the latest GoPro camera that is made to endure all sorts of extreme conditions, the majority of jetsetters, adventurers and holidaymakers still do most of the picture-taking with their iPhones and Androids. Even with most smartphones coming already waterproof from the tech stores, it is still a great idea to pick up a transparent waterproof case that you can safely keep your phone in while surfing, swimming, hiking, camping, or just laying on a sandy beach.

2. Protect Your Lips

People rarely think of sun protection for their lips, but dermatologists highly recommend using lip balms with SPF. While most stores sell travel-size grab-on-the-go kits with travel essentials and toiletries, it is best to pick up your preferred brands before you leave town: first, because your destination may have a limited or overpriced selection; and second, it is best to use products already tested for any skin sensitivities.

3. Pack Up a Lot of Swim Wear!

No wonder fashion houses and brands sell beach bikinis by the pound, in all colors, shapes, materials and variations. Swimwear is the dress code of the summer season, and comes as varied as lingerie these days. Rash vests and UV suits are ideal for surfing and other water sports, if you like to do more than just relaxing at the pool. They are also a great sun protection alternative, because you don't need to worry how many hours your sun lotion lasts, how evenly you spray yourself and if you need to reapply cream every other hour.

4. Sun Hats & Sunglasses

A pair of sandals or mules in hand, a breezy sundress and a giant straw hat that could throw a shade as great as a Venetian gondola - these are the trademarks of a dreamy summer holiday! Trendy summer clothing items for 2018 are dominated by the exquisite millinery and geometric couture heels of French designer Jacquemus, whereas the most popular sunglasses of summer 2018 are undoubtedly the cat eye sunglasses, with other favorites including Matrix/Morpheus glasses, 90's-inspired glasses with a pop of color, and round/John Lennon sunglasses.

5. Reading & Writing Material: The Revival of Online Book Clubs

You may already be a member of one of the fantastic online book club communities popularized in recent months by social media influencers and celebrities. Instagram book clubs are increasingly popular and a great force for reigniting our love for reading, if we ever left it behind at all. Actor and activist Emma Watson's popular online book community focuses specifically on feminist writing, whereas actor and producer Reese Witherspoon's influential Instagram book club is a great spot to familiarize yourself early with titles that may make it to the big or small screen. Pack a recommended summer read and a precious REMINDART notebook with lines of gold foil to put down the words and phrases that touch your heart and awaken your mind in new ways. There is nothing like putting down a few memorable lines that signify a great holiday moment and capture a mood that will last for decades to come...
Most importantly, don't forget to take your smile and positivity with you wherever you go: Italy's Amalfi Coast and all the scenic Mediterranean rivieras with perfect turquoise waters will mean nothing without your passionate, beautiful presence there...

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