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Change Your Perspective: 5 Secrets Shared by Motivational Gurus

We love to find a daily dose of inspiration and awaken a feeling of radiance and joy within, so this is why we have brought you an exquisite line of motivational reminders in the form of art and décor: to elevate your surroundings and support a powerful new mindset. In our latest idea curation session on our REMINDART blog, we are bringing you the Top 5 Secrets for transforming one's life shared by the world's most successful people and motivational gurus:

1. True Success Comes After 40

While modern technology and social media these days seem to be bringing quick success, wealth and dream fulfillment to even 20-year-olds with a sharp mind and a flair for innovation, the timeless truth is that real lasting success and fulfillment for most comes after 40. In his 1937 bestseller 'Think and Grow Rich', Napoleon Hill interviewed more than 500 self-made millionaires thanks to his close connection to business magnate Andrew Carnegie and found that peak productivity of one's creative imagination and ensuing success happen between 40 and 60 Until that peak time of blooming, the same people use their time to humbly hone their skills, make the most of their present, learn from both success and failure, and keep patient for the future.
The well-known examples are endless: at 31, the world's first billion-dollar author JKRowling was a single mother on welfare; at 50, America's iconic investor Warren Buffet w
as still relatively unknown and yet to acquire 99% of his multi-billion-dollar wealth; at 52, Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman landed his first major film role. It truly takes decades of learning to extract the finest nectar of life though values, vision and skill.

2. The Key: Developing Mindfulness

No successful person ever reaped the fruits of success and said surprised, 'I didn't have the right mindset for this'. In fact, time shows us, again and again, that success stories are 'it-finally-paid-off' stories. All motivational gurus and successful people remind us of the vital importance of dedicating reflective time. Mindfulness covers everything that happens in our lives and how we process it, as well as how and in what direction we want to steer our attention and efforts: from developing internal focus to managing varying levels of stress and accepting imperfection. Mindfulness comes through developing internal awareness of oneself.

3. True Wealth Lies in One's Experiences

The major takeout of seminal books about self-fulfillment, such as Dale Carnegie's 'How to Stop Worrying and Start Living' (1948), as well as the thousands that followed afterwards, is that success is not in the numbers or targets, but in a strong personal mindset that thinks beyond the force of the crowd and transforms everything around itself over time. Wealth lies in a certain abundance and richness of personal experience that revolves around the axis of personal will and inspired action. Start today.

4. You are Urged to Forge Powerful Habits

In order to permanently change the course of your life, you have to rewire your thinking, language and behavioral patterns. It is not only about receiving an insight or a success recipe which a more experienced person has extracted from their own life, but it is about forging new habits that will paint our life in new colors and wider horizons. Stephen Covey's 1989 classic 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' gives us the link between mindset/personal principles and habits, and how it ultimately creates the difference between success and ineffectiveness. For instance, effective people start with the end in mind, whereas ineffective people start with no end in mind; effective people seek first to understand and then be understood, whereas ineffective people seek first to be understood, etc.

5. Awaken the Power Within

By developing habits such as making positive thoughts stronger than negative thoughts in our conscious mind and doing the same for our subconscious through affirmations, we find ourselves truly transformed over time. Everything comes down to becoming more than the imaginable, awakening an inner giant, growing to our best capacity. All motivational gurus teach us that we all - wherever we are placed in life initially - are sleeping on a gold mine, and it is up to us to dig deep and dig at the right places. Ultimately, effectiveness is learned and we become transformed while taking action towards mastery.

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