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Learn Japanese Methods to Organize Your Home and Office

Her name is Marie Kondo - the world-renowned Japanese de-cluttering master, bestselling author, and mother of two. The 33-year-old internationally acclaimed organizing consultant has won the hearts of millions and transformed countless homes and minds through her joyful and infectious approach to tidying up based on timeless Japanese values, the KonMari Method™. Her 2011 book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up' has turned into somewhat of a de-cluttering bible and can really shift a person's thinking with some admirable simplicity.
We may tend to associate tidying up with boredom, exhaustion, routine and grudge. Instead, Kondo shows us how - when you have a clear methodology and commitment - organizing your surroundings can become an inspiration. Here, at REMINDART we believe so too: our belongings and surroundings can and should be an ever self-replenishing source of joy!
In this idea curation session on our blog, we turn to Marie Kondo's beautiful tidying-up methodology and share useful tips for transforming more than just your home and office.


'When your room is clean and uncluttered, you have no choice but to examine your inner state,' says Marie Kondo. Throughout her career and in all her practice, she emphasizes the significance of the connection between our feeling and thinking, and the physical objects and surroundings that mirror our inner turmoil or peace. Precisely in the spaces where we spend most of our time and are most vulnerable and open, ie home and workplace, is where we need a constant atmosphere of upliftment rather than a feeling of being perpetually anxious, drained or overwhelmed. Find our brand NEW exquisite collection of REMINDART pencils with inspirational messages here to remind you of the joys of your own creativity and work/play process!


At the heart of Kondo's philosophy lies tokimeku: a Japanese term, literally translating as 'heart aflutter' and meaning an item or an experience that immediately brings joy. Her approach encourages you to look closely at everything you keep in your surroundings, put it in your hands and feel whether it sparks joy from within. It is not about minimalism, functionality, sentimentality or certain ideology - it is all about arranging a space in such a way that whatever it is that your glance falls upon, that object uplifts you immediately and fills you with a sense of love and appreciation.
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Kondo has come up with a clear-cut procedure for tidying up any space:
1. Envision your ideal lifestyle.
2. Go through all your belongings, item by item, and empty storage spaces. Discard what doesn't bring you joy. Thank each item for its service before throwing it away or passing it on. Keep what sparks joy in you. It's always surprising to see what will fall away.
3. Tackle items by category, not by room or location, ie books, clothes, miscellaneous, sentimental items etc.
4. Keep things folded, not stacked and in messy piles. Discover Kondo's unique vertical folding method, which features folding everything and anything multiple times into a rectangular shape. The result is a neat vertical file-like box of items where belongings stand upright, are immediately visible, and are less wrinkled than usual. Color code items for extra visibility and a pleasant sensory sensation: it's like keeping a rainbow in a cupboard, just like our REMINDART washi tapes!
5. Follow the prescribed order.


One of the main takeaways from Marie Kondo's methodology is her affinity for training your sensitivity towards what you keep in your home and workspace, and developing a relationship with what you own. 'The question of what you own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.'
When she comes into a client's home, she first greets the place. She asks you to send love to your shirts through your palms while folding. She asks you to thank throw-away items for their service, and to cherish the belongings you keep. And finally, she asks you to create a power spot in your home and office where you can recharge and feel empowered.
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We are always appreciative to be a part of your transformation, let us know how you cherish your home and office space and make it special for yourself and your loved ones!

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