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Make Choosing a Gift Easy: the How-to Edition

We are just tired of seeing unimaginative gift guides. Sometimes, picking a gift is so incredibly easy, smooth, intuitive and even thrilling! It's almost as if the ideal present is trying to find its way to the person on the receiving end and is appealing to your intuition. However, overthinking a gift for a special someone or having to buy multiple presents for a major holiday like Christmas is usually when we end up feeling lost or stressed about measuring up. At Remindart, we want to shift your perspective into a more playful and fun way of choosing gifts for your friends and family. Just in time for the quickly approaching holidays, here is our How-To Gift Guide Edition:

##1 Keep a Gift DRAWER

Sometimes the ideal present may manifest well before or after a special occasion. Dedicate a drawer to interesting and useful items which you can give away when the time is right. Always have gifts ready for the special people in your life. Year round. This approach will help you save time and minimize the pressure of gift selection. Place a beautifully designed Set of 2 Pens in Silver and Rose Gold in the drawer - a completely perfect gift for any occasion!

#2 Gift Experiences & TOGETHERNESS

Only with advancing age do we start placing more emphasis on spending quality time with our loved ones. Usually, in the first decades of life, we keep striving and stretching the muscles that hold our wings, whereas nourishing our roots takes a backseat. If you want to make an impact with your gift, opt for sharing an experience. For instance, bring your grandma to a concert or take her on a day road trip where you can pamper her and indulge in heartwarming conversations.

#3 How Did Your Outlook on Life Evolve?

Life swings between polarities. Did you become more optimistic this year or more distrustful? Did you take things slow or did you live a more fast-paced life? If you could draw a cartoon in which you are the main character, what would the adventure be about? If you like drawing and sketching, re-create a few episodes from 2018 in pictures. Use our 4 Pencils Mix Kit in rose, gold and/or silver with beautiful messages like 'Unleash Your Creativity', 'Sharpen Your Aim'. 'Hold Your Vision', 'Express Your Soul' and map out your journey. Narrate your story and see where the journey has brought you. You might not have even realized where you stand right now.

#3 Introduce Them to a NEW Experience

People usually choose gifts based on the person's main areas of interest and fascination. Why not bring surprise to the table by researching new trends, products or services on the market which they are not familiar with yet? If they love DIY, why not research new tools or rare materials? If they love ethnic cuisine, why not have foreign delicacies delivered to their address? If they have a bucket list with dares that seem far-fetched, such as parachuting, why not invest in a first-ever activity?

#4 Create a DIARY of Friendship

Allocate a year to keeping a secret Friendship or Love Diary. Fill a beautiful gold foil notebook with quotes, shared jokes and small keepsakes from past encounters, like a petal or a trinket. Make it vivid, colorful and irresistibly attractive with multiple exquisite washi tapes in gold, silver, rose gold and turquoise. Turn it into a rich treasury holding beautiful reminders of your most cherished moments together.

#5 Focus on PACKAGING

The wrapping and presentation of a gift are an art in themselves. Use luxurious materials, beautiful colors and intricate unfolding methods to create suspense and awaken joy even before the present is revealed. It may seem impractical to a person with a busy lifestyle, but time, attention and effort are inherent to creating the best gifting experience. Make your own packaging and unique gift cards using premium quality washi tapes, or come up with a secretive and intricate way to surprise the person. You can even make them complete a fun and mysterious task to get to their "reward". The bottom line is, invest in presentation!

#6 Identify Their Greatest SOURCE OF JOY

Think about your loved ones and try to remember the very specific moments when you've seen them at their happiest and most excited. What made their eyes sparkle? What made them leap with joy? What made them feel extremely grateful and appreciative? If you correctly identify the source of joy in their most uplifting moments, you will know for sure how to replicate it again.

#7 TIMING is Everything

Consider the element of timing. Choose carefully when to pick a gift and when to give it. Maybe there is a season in the year that is best for acquiring a particular present, and you need to plan in advance. Maybe there is a particular time of the day or an exact moment that would heighten the experience of giving a gift, ie when the person is most emotional and unsuspecting. Pick something unequivocally sophisticated that will evoke delight in any scenario, such as the Roseway Set of 3 Notepads: 'Believe', 'Dream', 'Empower'.
In any case, don't stress, worry, overplan or create awkwardness.
The consideration you have put into the gift will become evident eventually, even if things don't go according to plan. Master timing gracefully by allowing for magical resolutions.
For more ideas and a smooth gift exchange this festive season, discover our impressive collection of stationery sets and wall art.
Happy holidays, stay toasty!

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