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Measures of Success

Whether we are in our twenties or forties, life can feel elusive when we are in constant pursuit of dreams, goals and destinations. Meandering back and forth between the past and the future can often almost imperceptibly turn us into fugitives from our own best selves. However, we do know that our own best self is within us, only needing some polishing, attention and inner guidance. Take an exceptional notebook and establish the paradigms of your story, the story of your personal success.


Whether it is social media or pervasive societal norms, we do get influenced . We are usually not taught to question our motivation - the motivation behind the continuous flow of our daily choices. We tend to delve deeper into our own rationale only when facing the few major life-changing decisions that occur throughout our lifetime. But if you think about it, the positive role models we pick up always leave their footprints where there were none before, recognizing and rejecting social conditioning. We can't really become influencers ourselves if we are not moved by grander ideas that awaken from within rather than what attracts us on the outside. It's the journey from mindless to mindful. To define your personal measures of success, pick up an inspirational pen and dive deep within. Once you feel you have defined the scope of your learning and growing, you can frame reminders of your success bars. Here are our suggestions:

#1 Relationships

Relationships shape our world and sense of self. Whether we see ourselves as a kind generous person or an unforgiving grumpy person often correlates to how we treat others and how we are treated in return. If we put our focus on bringing healing and kindness to all our relationships, our lives will soon feel transformed. We ourselves, too.

#2 Health & Wellness

Our body - our amazing personal equipment on this planet - requires care, honesty and loving consideration. Placing its well-being under the radar of our attention (not in a vain manner, of course), will give us a greater sense of connectedness and empowerment.

#3 Inspirational Projects

More studies and life examples show that landing the dream job is not always the dream job. More often, it is our side passion projects, regardless of whether it is a hobby, a volunteer position or a hungry start-up, that give us the greatest sense of fulfillment. Leaving a positive mark on our community and planet through our unique gifts and skills is what we all crave, more or less strongly, in our lives.

#4 Handling Pain & Discomfort

In hindsight, some of the greatest gifts of our life journey are the experiences that break us and allow us to rebuild ourselves better and kinder than before. The way we handle challenges, pain, discomfort, difficulty, crossroads, fear and grief allows us to measure the strength and nobility of our character. Turning the dark weed spots in our character into well-tended gardens of luminescence is certainly a triumph. Resilience is beautiful. By committing to live a life based on compassion and good values ​​vs. an empty ego-based acquisition chase, we can certainly see ourselves as the change we want to see in the world. Making every breath an inspiration can help us keep up with our true vision of ourselves. And if you're looking for stunning accessories to map your desired journey, you will certainly discover unrivaled inspiration with REMINDART's beautiful designer creations.

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