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Where to Go if You Need a Creativity Boost

Creativity is what makes our world a more beautiful place and leads us to a heightened expression of our own self. Creativity is so powerful that in the ancient world people associated its flow with a blessing by a muse or some other form of divinity. Awaking this flow within, more often than not, demands taking an action towards it - we suggest a creativity-boosting trip in late summer to one of these mesmerizing destinations:

Positano, Italy

No place seduces the senses quite like Italy's Amalfi coast: with its scenic drives, crystal clear waters and delicious food at every corner! The small cliff-hanging village of Positano is a true charmer and it looks as if it comes straight out of a fantasy. American writer John Steinbeck was completely enraptured with the place, upon visiting Positano back in the '50s: 'Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn't quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.' Take in the amazing views at sunrise and sunset, start the day with Positano's classic croissant-and-cappuccino breakfast, and indulge in fresh pasta in one of the many restaurants with scenic terraces! Laze on a catamaran or take the famous Path of the Gods hike which will take you high up the hills and reward you with unforgettable panoramas! This is where you can start putting down your notes and impressions in a luxurious notepad with gold foil covers and stamping sheets inside, a piece of perfect inspirational stationery!

Tulum, Mexico

A paradise for health enthusiasts, tropical beach lovers and luxury travelers, Tulum is a relaxed exotic destination ideal for unwinding with fruity cocktails in New York-style bars, stretching in tranquil yoga studios set in rainforest surroundings, and enjoying chill bohemian evenings. Situated around an hour and a half south of Cancun, this Caribbean gem is a haven for those whose creativity gets a strong boost from island vibes. Stay in a romantic treehouse; enjoy offbeat adventures, such as diving, snorkeling, ziplining and exploring the famous underwater cave sink holes called 'cenotes'; and enjoy fresh seafood and mouth-watering Mexican specialties, such as huevos rancheros, tacos, guacamole and many others. Let your inspiration flow and fill pages with your musings, using one of our inspirational 'Start Somewhere' notebooks.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A beloved film location in recent years, Croatia's stunning Adriatic coast is quickly becoming a favorite destination for those interested in exploring medieval cities and indulging in rare seafood specialties. Overlooking the Adriatic, the terracotta rooftops of the scenic walled city of Dubrovnik glisten attractively in the sun and are beautiful to observe from both land and sea. Take a stroll in Stari Grad, the Old Town, passing by imposing limestone walls and old Baroque churches; take a boat tour to Peljesac peninsula to sample freshly harvested oysters and local wines; and pick a high spot to enjoy a multi-colored sunset of a lifetime! Practice gratitude and write down your most precious thoughts in a very special notepad for the occasion, a luxurious piece of stationery called 'My Daily Fulfillment'.

Crystal Castle, Byron Bay, Australia

Relax in the world's largest amethyst cave at Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens located just 20 minutes from Byron Bay, New South Wales. Changing the hemisphere for a while can be really refreshing and what better, more recharging and more creativity-boosting landscape than one of quartz and natural splendor? The attraction site features the world's largest crystals - two 5.5-metre Uruguayan quartz geodes; the 'Enchanted Cave' - the 120-million-year-old amethyst cave; and a beautiful stupa blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, among other gems and crystals. Take a walk in the gardens, enjoy the tranquil mountain scenery, take a free meditation class in the amethyst cave, and end the day with a romantic picnic in the area. Pick up our Vision set to set free your creativity during, before and after the trip.
And don't forget, when you go searching for creativity, it may just tap on your shoulder when you least expect it!

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